There was the revelation, certified before the world, that Christ in all his puissance is pliant as a windblown sleeve. He bends smoothly and conforms, if you know how to mold him, as closely to the shape you want, as indeed he rightly should. He's ready to serve every heart for honesty or deception, whether in earnest or in jestó he is always as you wish him. All of this lay manifest in the wily queen's example. Her prevarication worked, and the envenomed vow she swore, taken before the face of God, restored her to her place of honor, 15750 regained for her the respect, fervent love, and trust of her lord king Marke, and the esteem and affection of her land and countrymen. Whenever the king recognized that she had set her heart on something, that was what he also wantedó he granted her honors and finery. All his heart, his whole mind, were devoted to her, nothing else, without any reservation. All his doubts and suspicions again had been extinguished.
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