Isolt III

Kaedin's sister, Isolt, she of the white hands, the blossom of that realm, was wise and high-spirited, having so distinguished herself as to conquer the hearts and minds of the entire population, which could speak of nothing else but how good and excellent she was. When Tristan looked on her beauty it refreshed his distress. All his old heartache tormented him anew. Always she reminded him of another, former Isolt, that clarity of Irlant, and being named, like her, Isolt, whenever his gaze dwelt on her the name itself was enough to throw him into bleak depression such that everyone could see the anguish in his heart. And yet he loved these very pangs, welcoming them fervently. To him they were sweet and right. He cherished this unhappiness because she was good to look upon. Therefore he liked to look at her because his pain at the loss of his former blonde Isolt was sweeter than all other joys. Isolt was his pain and his delight, yes, Isolt, his consternation. She delighted him, she caused him pain. The more Isolt broke his heart by the very name Isolt, the more he watched Isolt with pleasure. He told himself, many times, a de benie, how this name has thrown me into confusion! It turns and twirls and twists the truth together with lies in my mind and before my eyes. It puts me in a wonderful plight— Isolt laughs and disports 19000 all the time in my ears, and I cannot tell where she is. This eye of mine that sees Isolt— this same eye sees her not. Isolt is far, yet here with me— I fear I have been Isolted now for the second time. Out of what was Curnewal some magic has made Arundel, Karke out of Tintajel, and Isolt out of Isolt. I cannot help but think when someone speaks of this maid under the name of Isolt, it is Isolt I have found. It's all so bewildering, how strangely things have happened. To see Isolt once again is something I have longed for, and here I am, where Isolt is, but still am nowhere near Isolt, however close to Isolt I am. I see Isolt every day and see her not. It's misery. I have found Isolt here, although it's not the blonde one who causes me such sweet distress. It is Isolt, who filled my mind so busily with these ideas, on whom my heart dwells ceaselessly, but it's the one of Arundel, and not Isolt la bele, the one my eye doesn't see. And yet, whatever I look on that bears the seal of her name I am obliged for all time to hold in my heart's affection, and bless for its beloved name that has so often given me delight and a delightful life." With imaginings such as these Tristan often bemused himself when he saw his gentle nemesis Isolt as blanschemains. She freshened the fire in his mind with the glowing hot embers which smouldered always in his heart, burning there night and day. This had driven from his mind all martial thoughts of knighthood. 19050 Now his heart and ambitions ran entirely toward love and gentle satisfactions, while trying to arrive at them by a devious route. He had set all his intentions on love or its facsimile for the maid Isolt, ready to compel his feelings to love for her in hopes that his oppresive yearning might with her be made lighter. He began now to cast intimate glances in her direction, unleashing them so often that she was entirely convinced of his tender feelings for her. She too, before this, had often thought of him and considered the situation. Having seen and heard so much of his high reputation throughout the court and the land, she found her heart inclined toward him. Thus when Tristan began to turn his gaze upon her as though by chance, and let it rest, she replied with her eyes to this man so eloquently that he began to consider by what means or device he might be able in this way to gain complete release from all his heaviness of heart. He took every opportunity to see her, whatever the time, whenever at all possible. It didn't take Kaedin long to notice their exchange of glances. Now he brought Tristan more often together with her, for if she should win his heart he might take her and remain, which offered Kaedin the prospect of Tristan's help in subduing and governing the whole land. And so Kaedin enlisted his sister Isolt to make Tristan a proposition which he would tell her how to phrase, 19100 as long as nothing should be done without his and her father's consent. Isolt was pleased to do what she wanted to do anyway, and encouraged Tristan openly. She started using on him all the talk and behavior that entrap and constrain thought, bring love to life in the heart, in every way and everywhere, until she had set the fire that made her name sound so soothing in his ears as before it had distressed him. Now he heard and saw Isolt more gladly than he had intended. Isolt was likewise affected, looking on him with much affection. Each dwelt within the other's thoughts, and soon they pledged to each other love and companionship, which they put into practice every time they had the chance to do so circumspectly.
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